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Yoga here is approachable and comfortable for everyone.  All classes are carefully crafted to leave your body balanced and your mind calm. Classes range from gentle, mindful classes through to a vigorous flow work out. Class sizes are small and taught with love, compassion, patience and a sense of humor. Students receive personal instruction to honor each student's goal for fitness, well-being and/or personal growth.
Visit Calm Your Storm studio for an authentic experience that will relieve stress, improve health and tap into your natural reservoir of vitality & joy.  Don't wait to increase your health and happiness by taking charge of your body and mind. Calm your personal inner storm today!
Summer 2019 Dates
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Tani Papadatos, Devon AB, Yoga, Mindfulness, Peace, Yoga Devon ab
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Drop-ins welcome subject to space. Please call 780-964-8770

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 Drop in rate: $15

Calm Your Storm Yoga, Devon AB, Mindfuness Devon, Meditation, AB,

Joanna Parnell

Tani is a fantastic teacher. She is so gentle and really accommodating. I have been working with her since September  2015 and she has helped me modify my practice while dealing with a broken foot. Her mantras and meditations seem to always be just what I need on that particular day.

Devon Yoga, Devon alberta, mindfulness, meditation

Theresa Bryne

Tani is a lovely and warm instructor who has found her true calling. I always come away from her class feeling wonderful and counting down the days till my next one. I feel blessed to have rolled out my mat in her classes.

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Hayley Laird

Tani is a wonderful person and teacher. She has shown me how to breathe and listen to my body. I am forever grateful for the time she has taken to teach and guide me.  I highly recommend her.


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Yoga Flow - An invigorating flow class designed to raise the heartbeat, develop strength and calm the mind.

Restorative Flow  -  The class will begin with a flow and finish up with rejuvenating restorative poses. You will leave feeling that you've had a great work out but also balanced and focused. 


Gentle Yoga - A gentle class, providing an introduction to the basics of yoga, including breathing techniques, proper alignment in postures, core strength, flexibility, mindfulness and relaxation. A slower pace and more verbal cues as well as hands-on assists will ensure even the most nervous beginner feels comfortable and successful.

Hatha Yoga  - A safe place to practice postures, breathing techniques and relaxation skills,  this class stretches & strengthens the body and calms the mind.


Yin Fusion - A class designed with primarily Yin poses but may also include a mix of flow or restorative. Yin poses are longer held poses excellent for developing flexibility.


Yin Restorative - A combination of Yin & Restorative poses, this class is a slower-paced more mindful class that increases flexibility while nourishing both the body and mind. Yin poses are longer held poses excellent for developing flexibility. Restorative poses rejuvenate your vital energy with supportive relaxing poses. Excellent for all levels.

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