One On One Support For The Entrepreneur Who Wants to

Take Care of Business and Herself

One On One Support

For The New Boss Lady 

Who Wants To Transform

Her Doubts And Fears Into More Confidence And Success

Your High

     Vibe Life


Hello beautiful lady! If you have found your way to this page, there's a good chance that you have a dream of making a positive global impact on the world through your business. You are doing all the things that you think you are supposed to but you can't stay consistent and you are tired of not having enough energy. You get really excited but something (resistance) gets in the way and you lose motivation.

  • Do you have gifts to share with the world but you aren't sure how to get past your procrastination to create financial and time freedom with your business?

  • Do you know that you are meant for bigger things but aren't sure how to get there?

  • Are you wondering if you are crazy for trying to make your dream come true?



It  is Possible!


  • Clearing old patterns of worry and fear that are weighing you down and holding you back

  • Overcoming the self sabotaging thoughts (like fear and overwhelm) and achieve your next level of performance

  • Increasing your sales and productivity to make more money in less time

  • Having magnetic energy to attract clients while money flows to you frequently from both expected and unexpected sources

  • Passionately jumping out of bed in the morning (without hitting snooze), excited to make a larger positive impact on your clients

  • Overflowing with creativity to create new content and programs to spread your message to the world

  • Easily turning off your worrying mind to quickly fall into a restorative sleep at night

  • Calming your stress and anxiety so you can avoid burn out and feel happy and confident no matter which storms come your way

It's Time to Raise Your Vibration !

It's time to commit to living a high vibe life and stick with it.

It's time to manifest the life of freedom and wealth that you desire.

It's time to change your physiology to bust through your mental blocks.

It's time to stop making the same mistakes and create some long term changes.

It's time to revive your light, feel truly alive and fall back in love with your business and life!

Right  now...

You are working so hard to build your business to make a positive impact in this world, but you are struggling with putting yourself out there.

You have everything that looks good on paper but you don't feel like you are doing enough.

You know that you are meant for happiness and joy but aren't sure why your heart based business, nice home and wonderful partner or family aren't resulting in inner bliss.

You are tired of overthinking and overanalyzing and not being able to shut of your mind to get a good night's sleep.

You are constantly putting your business or others before your own needs, resulting in a feeling of burnout.

You don't have as much energy as you used to and are tired, run down and sick more often than before.

You make your own schedule but don't feel that you can schedule any time for yourself.


Your Life. 

Your Business. 

Your Way.

My signature program Your High Vibe Life is a 1:1 Mentoring Program for the new (or aspiring) woman entrepreneur who is ready to dive deep into herself and transform her doubts, fears and worries into confidence, energy, success and abundance. Together we will create a dynamic customized program that will transform your dreams of freedom and wealth into reality.

Mentoring Program Details

Your mentoring program will be customized specifically to you but these are some of the topics we might cover:


  • Become aware of and clear thoughts and beliefs that are hindering your progress

  • ​Appreciate your small blessings so you can stay content in the face of any storms that come your way

  • Observe & manage your emotions so they stop holding you back from your next level of performance

  • Eliminate negative self-talk to increase will power to follow through on goals

  • Ditch the stress and anxiety


  • Learn the science of stress, anxiety and how it affects your brain and what the antidote is

  • Discover techniques to bring happiness into your every day life while encouraging good karma

  • Understand neuro-plasticity and how you can prime your brain for happiness and success

  • Learn a variety of meditation techniques to best benefit your personal situation


  • Create a powerful high vibe mental state of happiness and success

  • Rewrite your inner dialogue to increase self worth to be able to confidently put yourself out there

  • Choose from multiple strategies to personalize your daily routine to best serve your life and business

  • Free yourself from old destructive habits

  • Learn to raise your vibe whenever needed to bust through barriers to success


  • Understand why the body needs movement and discover the perfect type for you

  • Develop a personalized movement plan to energize your body, calm your mind and feed your soul

  • Design a schedule that incorporates movement & mindfulness in to your business schedule


  • Improve concentration skills to increase efficiency and stop wasting time

  • Stop procrastinating and focus on what's important so you get what you really want

  • Stop over analyzing so you can make faster better decisions

  • Feel more in control of your life and business


  • Discover what lights you up & makes you feel alive

  • Uncover who you really are to share your true nature and purpose with the world

  • Realize that self appreciation is key to happiness and success


  • Uncover the trick to making the Law of Attraction work for you

  • Discover how your high vibration emotions boosts your ability to manifest anything you want

  • Master the wealth mindset to attract your desired life of freedom


  • Choose to implement teachings from Buddhist philosophy, yoga philosophy and/or modern happiness teachers to boost your productivity, sales and creativity

  • Incorporate happiness techniques into your daily life without taking up any time

  • Make ordinary every day moments feel special and pleasurable


  • Become 31% more productive

  • Increase sales success by 37%

  • Tap into 3 times the creativity

  • Improve accuracy by 19%


  • Determine your niche and dream client

  • Uncover your story & create your personal brand

  • Set up email & scheduling systems

Want  to  make  sure  this  is  right  for you?

Book a complimentary discovery session to have your questions answered by Tani.

Calm Your Storm Yoga, Devon AB, Mindfuness Devon, Meditation, AB,

Speaking with Tani was an absolute delight! Tani is very warm and loving and she gave me some great ideas of ways to market myself and my business. I left our call feeling very excited and motivated about next steps in the direction of my business. Thank you Tani!!! You are a wealth of knowledge and simply wonderful at what you do! 

Ginger Marie

Life Coach & Angel Card Reader

Before I started working with Tani, I was very overwhelmed and did not know where to begin or what steps to take.  She is very knowledgeable, direct and firm but  also kind, patient, encouraging and she listens whole-heartedly. Since working with Tani, I’ve been able to change my attitude towards my business and am more focused, efficient and goal oriented. I increased my clientel by 40% in one month. If you invest in yourself by working with Tani, I believe you will get the best out of your business and life.

Devon Yoga, Devon alberta, mindfulness, meditation

Christine Huget

Massage Therapist

devon yogi, yogini, devon ab, mindfulness, meditation

Gina Brogan

Life Coach

Tani is amazing. In just a short conversation she was able to help me shift a story I was telling myself, so I could tell a new story and get super clear on what I am manifesting.  She has incredibly clear, youthful and light energy and is spot on with her intuition. If you are looking to shift your mindset, raise your vibration or just manifest anything, I highly recommend working with Tani!


This fully personalized package includes:


  • One 60 minute complimentary mindset assessment call

  • A signature welcome package to help you get really clear on your desires in business and in life

  • One 90 minute goal setting session & abundance mindset introduction to create a solid foundation for our work together

  • 12 weekly one on one 60 minute inspiring and transformational mentoring calls (via Skype) to dig into whats holding you back and to hold you accountable to your goals

  • Full email access to lil' ole wonderful me in between calls for extra support

  • Session recaps & session recordings

  • Worksheets and assignments to fuel growth between sessions



Downloadable guided Calm the Storm Meditation so you feel calm in the face of the many pressures while growing a business.


Downloadable guided Happiness Meditation to raise your base happiness level resulting in more productivity, sales, creativity and accuracy.


Investment for Your High Vibe Life


(payment plans available)


You are a child of the universe and you deserve to shine!
Women are so incredibly powerful but often don't realize their own worth. You are worthy! Believe me when I tell you that you are meant for happiness and greatness. By cultivating your own happiness, you give others the permission to do the same so not only are you growing your business and improving your life, you are improving the lives of everyone around you!

Who is this for?

This program is for you if you are ready to:

  • Care for your body, mind and spirit in your own way while taking care of business.

  • Develop a high vibration to enhance your physical energy and promote the transformation of limiting beliefs.

  • Become magnetic, attracting both clients and abundance.

  • Create your own happiness, inspiring your clients, employees, friends, family and everyone around you.

  • Connect more closely with source energy and your intuition which tunes you in to your inner wisdom.

  • Make better decisions and strengthen your will power

  • Manifest the life of freedom and wealth that you desire.

  • Live a life that lights you up, feel truly alive and fall back in love with your business and life​.

  • Harness the power of your thoughts to reduce your stress and anxiety to create inner peace and true happiness.​​​

  • Overcome fear, stress and worry to experience the inner peace, happiness and success you’ve always wanted.

  • Invest in yourself and your happiness to reap benefits in your business, health and personal relationships

Who is this not for?

This program is not for you if:

  • you are happy with your life exactly as it is 

  • You are not ready to step into your power and take control of your business and happiness

  • you are not willing to get uncomfortable and try things you've never done before

  • you are not going to follow through and practice the strategy & techniques you learn

  • you are not ready to invest your time, money and effort into yourself

  • you are not okay asking for help when you need it

  • you make a lot of excuses

I’m a Mindset Mentor and Yoga Teacher for amazing, but overworked & overwhelmed women entrepreneurs, who have realized that a successful business does not guarantee happiness. I help them manage their stress, step up their self care and raise their vibration and happiness baseline to have the energy, motivation and confidence to grow their business and upgrade their quality of life.


Years ago, I struggled with anxiety, stress and depression. Looking back I can see that a significant cause of the depression was a lack of self care while putting all my effort and energy into climbing the corporate ladder. As soon as I started caring for my body with movement, meditation and mindfulness (to watch and choose my thoughts), I was able to heal myself from the depression. Even though you may not have gone through what I have, I know that I had this experience so I can help you prevent it from happening to you!

I have spent the last 10 years mastering a mindset to create both success and happiness. I have studied depression therapy, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, happiness techniques and the law of attraction. I also have a degree in business (B.Comm), experience in advertising & marketing and I run two of my own businesses.


I am passionate about helping women realize the power of their thoughts and harness that power to create happiness and success. I believe we can change the world for the better by creating our own happiness and sharing it with those around us. My mentoring will provide unwavering encouragement, constructive feedback & high-level on-going perspective and support to transform your doubts, worries and fears into confidence, business success and belief in yourself.

A  Bit About Me

You need to be dedicated, committed and willing to explore your soul, bust through fears and take action.  You need to be willing to invest your time, your money and your energy into your development.

You need to be willing to get honest and clear about who you are and who you want to be.


Ready To  Get Started?


1:1 Private Coaching Program



 $2,500 PAY IN FULL

This program will allow you to finally claim the life of your dreams. You will step into  your unique potential and power to seek out your destiny and to experience success beyond your wildest dreams. The best part is this program won’t just shift you, it will also transform your business, friends, family & everyone around you. You can apply the tools you learn to every area of your life.

What 's Next?



1. You book your complimentary 60 minute discovery consultation call. 

2. You invest in your transformative mentoring program.

3. Your welcome package arrives by email & you start working on it.

4. We schedule your 12 mentoring sessions at a time that works for both of us.

5. We dive deeply into your growth weekly and you start living your high vibe life, while upgrading your business.

I know you don't want to make the mistake of closing this window without signing up for a 100% FREE no-obligation discovery call. Are you satisfied with your life right now? How will you feel in a year if you are in the same spot as right now?

You can go back to living the way you are, or you can take big steps to learn new practices, tools and techniques to enhance your life in every area. I hope you make the choice that will bring you happiness and success in the years to come. 

Live Your High Vibe Life

and enjoy success in all areas of your life!

I understand that by signing up for and purchasing a private mentoring package that I am agreeing to these Terms and Conditions that all sales are final and no refunds will be provided.

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