Thank you for stopping by my online home. I was just sitting out on the deck watching the beautiful prairie sky & enjoying a cup of lemon ginger tea. I love prairie thunderstorms and can barely wait for them to return in the spring.

We all have storms in our lives that disturb our peace of mind, our happiness and our health. The storm could be a crisis, a tragedy or the daily build-up of daily pressures. It is really hard to feel good when we are in the midst of a storm. If you've made it here, you are probably interested in CALMING YOUR STRESS STORM to improve your own health, increase your happiness, deepen your relationships and boost your business success - YOU ARE IN EXACTLY THE RIGHT SPOT!

I'm Tani Morgan and as a Mindset Mentor, I work with amazing and overwhelmed women entrepreneurs who have realized that the formula of home, family & career does not guarantee happiness. I help them create a powerful mindsets to manage their stress and raise their happiness baseline to have the energy, motivation & confidence to achieve their biggest dreams, increase their income and create the time to do things that light them up. Together we create life changing mindsets to ensure success and happiness in their business, income and quality of life. Then they can put forth their very best selves to make a significant difference in their families, their community & in the world.

I know what it is like to feel drained, overwhelmed and unmotivated. I know what it's like to wake up every morning and feel like I never actually slept. For a long time I struggled with depression, unhappiness, and feeling very unworthy. For years, I searched all over for happiness and couldn't find it, but as soon as I put all the pieces together to create the necessary mindset, it was like magic happened.

My life completely fell into place, our dream property was suddenly affordable, my strained marriage improved miraculously, my life purpose became clear and I fell in love with my life. I was able to create my own happiness and I know you can too!!

You are a child of the universe and you deserve to shine! Women are so incredibly powerful but often don't realize their own worth. You are worthy! Believe me when I tell you that you are meant for happiness and greatness. By cultivating your own happiness, you give others to do the same so not only are your improving your life, you are improving the lives of everyone around you!

By trying to make ourselves happier and more successful, we actually have the ability to improve the lives of 1000 people around us.

-Shawn Achor

Learn the exact steps and soul shifts that I took to master my mindset, raise my vibration and live my happiest life. I transformed my thought "I hate my life" into "I LOVE MY LIFE!" Bubbles of joy erupt spontaneously while I'm making lunch, vacuuming or planning my yoga classes. 




This group is meant for women who do SO MUCH and want to add more self-care, high vibes and lasting happiness in to her life!

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Ginger Marie, Angel Card Reader

Ginger Marie

Life Coach & Angel Card Reader

Speaking with Tani was an absolute delight! Tani is very warm and loving and she gave me some great ideas of ways to market myself and my business. I left our call feeling very excited and motivated about next steps in the direction of my business. Thank you Tani!!! You are a wealth of knowledge and simply wonderful at what you do! 

Devon Yoga, Devon alberta, mindfulness, meditation

Christine Huget

Massage Therapist

Before I started working with Tani, I was very overwhelmed and did not know where to begin or what steps to take.  She is very knowledgeable, direct and firm but  also kind, patient, encouraging and she listens whole-heartedly. Since working with Tani, I’ve been able to change my attitude towards my business and am more focused, efficient and goal oriented. I increased my clientele by 40% in one month. If you invest in yourself by working with Tani, I believe you will get the best out of your business and life.

Gina Brogan, Life Coach

Gina Brogan

Life Coach

Tani is amazing. In just a short conversation she was able to help me shift a story I was telling myself, so I could tell a new story and get super clear on what I am manifesting.  She has incredibly clear, youthful and light energy and is spot on with her intuition. If you are looking to shift your mindset, raise your vibration or just manifest anything, I highly recommend working with Tani

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