Master A

Money Magnet Mindset

Money Magnet Mindset Day One

Discover how to attract more abundance into your life from both expected and unexpected sources.

Money Magnet Mindset Day Two

Uncover money blocks and limiting beliefs that are preventing a flow of abundance into your life.

Money Magnet Mindset Day Three

Learn how to release and free yourself from the old destructive beliefs and habits. Re-program your beliefs to create a positive relationship with money and an abundance mindset so you can master manifesting.

Money Magnet Mindset Day Four

Learn how to raise your vibration to boost your manifesting power and increase your magnetic energy to attract whatever you desire.

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  • Releasing your problems with money, career and finances so effortless abundance will flow into your life?

  • Effortlessly boosting your productivity, sales success, income and happiness?

  • Having massive manifesting power so you new opportunities spontaneously appear and money flows to you easily and frequently?

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I'm Tani Morgan, Mindset Mentor and Yoga Teacher. I help new and aspiring boss ladies struggling with doubts, fears and a lack of self-confidence to raise their vibrational energy and claim their confidence to run a successful business. 

For a long time I experienced doubts, fears and a lack of self-confidence. I felt stuck and unfulfilled. It wasn’t until I started raising my vibration that I was able to connect with my soul purpose and start taking consistent action steps towards my dream. Less than 2 years later, I have a thriving business and community and couldn't be happier with my life.

© 2017 by Calm Your Storm. Photography by Emily Schutz.