Welcome to my online home! I'm Tani Morgan and I help overwhelmed and stressed women make time for themselves, re-connect with their body and calm the stormy thoughts that create stress and anxiety.

Living in the Canadian prairies, I love thunderstorms and am they are just about to return for spring and summer but I know it's crucial to calm the storms that occur in my mind.


We all have unwanted storms in our lives that disturb our peace of mind, our happiness and our health. The storm could be a crisis, a tragedy or the daily build-up of daily pressures. It is really hard to feel good when we are in the midst of a storm. If you've made it here, you are probably interested in CALMING YOUR STORM to improve your own health, increase your happiness, and upgrade your life - YOU ARE IN EXACTLY THE RIGHT SPOT!


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Ginger Marie, Angel Card Reader

Sue Parkinson

Prior to starting yoga classes with Tani, I was having trouble even putting my socks on I was so tight. I was awkward and uncomfortable. Today my ability to stretch and bend has improved 100% after taking classes with Tani for the last year. I improved so much that my husband noticed the difference and decided to try yoga himself! Tani gives you permission to listen to your body and makes you feel comfortable no matter what level of yoga you are at. If you are thinking about signing up, you better do it quick as the classes fill up fast!  

Ginger Marie, Angel Card Reader

Dana Rouleau

I have been attending Tani's classes three days per week. I have practised yoga with a number of different teachers and find Tani to be absolutely the best. She is an expert at giving verbal cues to ensure that correct posture is followed. Her physical assists help deepen the postures. She often tailors the class based on individual needs for that day. She can be both challenging and gentle, often giving variations on the same pose. There's something for everyone in each of her classes. These yoga classes give balance to my other activities, thereby preventing pain from tight muscles. Tani's calm, welcoming manner ensures everyone leaves her class with a beautiful, healthy glow.

Gina Brogan, Life Coach

Yvonne Dubbldam

Before I started Tani’s yoga classes, I thought my body was fairly flexible.  But Tani demonstrated proper technique and postures and I soon realized how inflexible and stiff my middle-aged body had become.  Tani’s gentle and kind demeanor as a yoga instructor allows anyone to feel comfortable trying yoga for the first time, but you will soon feel like a seasoned participant because of her excellent knowledge of many different types and styles of yoga.  Tani allows everyone to participate at their own comfort level and there is never a question she can’t answer.  I highly recommend Tani’s classes!

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